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National Nature Park "Zacharovanyj Kraj" is established by the Decree of the President of Ukraine №343 of May 21, 2009, at the territory of Irshava district of Zakarpattya region of Ukraine. Total area of the Park is 6101 hectares. National Nature Park "Zacharovanyj Kraj" is nature protection, recreation, cultural and educational institution of national importance and forms a part of nature protection fund of Ukraine.

Territory of NNP "Zacharovanyj Kraj" is dedicated to the central part of Vihorlat-Hutyn volcanic ridge of the foothills of Eastern Carpathians, particularly to the Velykyi Dil range, which is located within administrative borders of Irshava district of  Zakarpattya region. This mountain massif is divided from other parts of volcanic ridge by valleys of Latorytsya river on the North-West and Borzhava river on the Sout-East. The highest point of the Park is Buzhora mountain with 1085 meters above the sea level.

At the territory of the park there is located the largest part of the watershed area of one of the tributaries of Tysa rive – Borzhava river, significant areas are under wetlands, well-preserved beech forests, rich biodiversity, important historical-cultural heritage, unique rock landscapes. There are unique natural objects at the territory of the Park:
  • Oligotrophic sphagnum bog "Chorne Bahno" (Black bog) – botanical and hydrological natural monument of national importance, which is the deepest peat bog in Ukrainian Carpathians (depth almost 7 meters), has visible convex surface and covers area of 15 hectares;
  • "Zacharovana Dolyna" (Enchanted Valley) – geological reserve of local value with area of 150 hectares, which is prominent by its peculiar rare forms of rock relief. Here, as a result of water-aerial erosion, special rock formations emerged with height up to 100 meters. Some of the rocks have names: Strimchak, Stone Spruce, Stone Camel, Ruins of the Castle, Throne Stone etc.;
  • Beech virgin forests – spontaneously formed ecosystems, where different age groups and stand development phases are presented, remaining of untouched by the management natural forests, area of which makes 568,3 hectares, out of which 451,5 ha grow in protected zone.
Forests cover 87,5% of the whole territory of NNP. More than 90% of the total forest area are indigenous groups of beech (Fagus sylvatica) and only 7% of the territory covered with secondary stands, made by spruce (Picea abies).

Flora and fauna of NNP "Zacharovanyj Kraj" is featured by significant biodiversity. It is defined, that at the territory of the Park there are 29 plant species and 38 fauna species of the Red (Rare species) List of Ukraine.

You can feel the beauty and magnitude of the National Park when walking along marked ecologic-didactic trails, which go through the rock formations, water springs with healing quality, geological formations, mountain streams, beech virgin woods.