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National Nature Park " Enchanted Land" was created by the Decree of the President of Ukraine 21.05.2009r . № 343 "On the establishment of the National Park" Enchanted Land " in Irshavskyi Transcarpathian region with total area of ​​6101 hectares , including 5649 hectares of state enterprise" Zahatyanske forestry ", which are in constant use Park and 452 ha branch number 1 " Irshavsky forestry " state enterprise " Ahrospetsservis " that included PNP without exception " to the conservation, restoration and efficient use of typical and unique natural complexes of the Eastern Carpathians , which have important environmental, aesthetic, scientific, educational , recreational and fitness values .

The park is environmental , recreational , cultural, educational, scientific and research institution of national importance i belongs to the nature- reserved fund of Ukraine , is protected as a national asset for which establishes a special regime of protection , reproduction and use. Clusters within Irshavskyi administrative district, Transcarpathian region in the foothills of the Eastern Volcanic Carpathians. Here is most of the catchment area of one of the largest tributaries of the river Tisza Transcarpathia - was Borzhava large areas occupied by wetlands , preserved beech forests , rich biodiversity, significant historical and cultural heritage, formed a unique rock landscapes.

The main objectives of NPP " Enchanted Land" are:
- preservation of natural , historical and cultural complexes i objects within its territory;

- conditions for organized tourism , recreation and other outdoor activities in natural conditions in compliance with the regime of protected natural complexes and objects;

- cientific research of natural systems and their changes in recreational use, development of scientific advice on environmental protection and efficient use of natural resources;

- an environmental educational- upbringing work and so on